Satellite Deployments From ISS Resume.

Forbes (2/27, Knapp) reported that NanoRacks “celebrated” the deployment of two Planet Labs satellites from the ISS on Friday. The company’s launchers had malfunctioned last summer and required “several months of work and repair.” NanoRacks External Payloads Account Manager Conor Brown said that the success is a “testament” to how well the ISS partners can work together with commercial companies. – AIAA

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  1. LightSail To Test Solar Sail Technology In May.

    The CBS News (3/16, Blackstone) website reported on The Planetary Society’s LightSail project, which is only “possible” because of the advent of CubeSats. Once launched in May, LightSail will test whether a spacecraft can actually work. Jennifer Vaughn, The Planetary Society’s chief operating officer, said that another goal is to inspire other groups to improve the technology “and really start pushing the boundaries.”

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